Hi everyone! With the remodeled website, we want to get back into the habit of posting updates here. So keep your eyes open for any new posts!

This year has been a strange one so far, with the current world circumstances as they are. But we are still working away as we normally would. The gardens are just about fully planted, and the plants are happy and moving. Our famous corn has been loving the rain and heat over the last while, and you can almost watch it grow.

Our alfalfa fields are luscious and tall, so we will be taking off our first hay crop soon. Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!

The pear orchard has since bloomed, and now the little pears are thriving; we will be starting to thin the crop soon!

We are really looking forward for the upcoming season. Please keep your ears open for any information in regards to the online store I am in the midst of creating. Our Market Garden is going to operate as normal, with the new social norms of course. We are all super excited to provide you all with your favourite local produce!

Until next time!