Our Pears: Locally Grown

Day’s Century Growers Inc. is known for their beautiful, locally grown pears. Their pear orchard grows in the heart of Kelowna, and driving along Byrns road is always a treat. Especially in the spring when the pear blossoms are in full bloom. The propery has blocks as old as 65 years old and are still producing beautiful pears. The orchard’s oldest block is interplanted Bartlett and Green D’Anjou pears which is an older style of orchard, and was done for pollination purposes. The properties newer orchards are planted in a more high-density style to increase the volume of product per acre. Along with higher density planting styles, there are many important orchard practices to ensure a good crop. These include timely applications of nutrients, proper pruning, integrated pest management, and maintaining general orchard health.

Day’s Century Growers Inc. along with Consolidated Fruit Packers ensure beautiful, locally grown pears from the heart of the Okanagan are available through the winter in various locations of Canada. They produce several varieties that shine in unique ways, and will taste as fresh as if it was just harvested and ripened.


Learn about the beautiful, locally grown pears found in the Day’s orchard by reading below!

Bartlett Pear


Smooth, buttery, and sweet. The Bartlett is probably the most common variety of pear that can be found in orchards and backyards. It can be known as the Williams’ pear in other parts of the world, which gives homeage to the man who first promoted the variety in North America in the early 1800’s.

The Bartlett pear is harvested in August and can be purchased in stores in the fall and winter months. It will turn a nice yellow-green colour when it is ripe.

Green D'Anjou Pear

Green D’Anjou

The Green D’Anjou pear is a versatile variety with a long life, which makes it a fantastic choice for growers. This pear stays lush and bright green in colour while it ripens. As a matter of fact, to check if your pear is ripe, press gently on the skin around the stem. If the flesh has some give, the pear is ready to be eaten! The flavour of a properly ripened Green D’Anou cannot be beat.

Green D’Anjou pears are harvested in the Okanagan near the end of September, and are available in stores through the winter and spring months.

Bosc Pear


Bosc pears are a distictive member of the pear family. They sport a brown russet skin, firm and crunchy flesh, and sweet-spiced flavour. The Bosc’s flesh is denser than other varieties which makes it ideal for baking and poaching. However, don’t be fooled, Bosc are a favourite for freshing eating too! This unique variety was introduced into the eastern United States in the 1830’s.

Bosc pears are harvested during the start of September and can be found the stores throughout the winter and spring months.

Red D'Anjou Pear

Red D’Anjou

The Red D’Anjou pear is a variation on a Green D’Anjou pear. The texture of the flesh is very similar and tastes slightly sweeter. A Red D’Anjou has skin that is a warm red colour which makes the perfect burst of colour to the fruit bowl.

Red D’Anjou’s are harvested in the Okanagan at the end of September, and are available in stores through the winter and spring months.