Hello all,

It has been a while since I have posted. Life on the farm has been very busy, with our vegetable garden and stand in full swing, the Bartlett harvest, and our packing house waking up.

It has been an interesting season in the vegetable stand with the new COVID-19 protocols. We have been so used to the old ways, and so have all of our customers, however we all worked together to create a safe environment for everyone where we can all enjoy the bounty from my vegetable garden.

Our Bartlett’s have all been harvested and are in our coolers waiting to be packed and shipped to the grocery stores. It has been difficult as we have been a bit short on labour, but all the fruit is off the trees and we are happy. We are in full swing in the packing house, moving as many Bartletts as we can in preparation for the Anjou crop and my crew is happy to have the work. With the no pears needing to be harvested (for now) we have a full and smiling (behind masks) crew.

Really looking forward to all the fruit being off the trees, and the focus being strictly on packing product.

I hope all is well with everyone, and thank-you for your continued support and interest.

-the Day’s