I guess it is time for me to give you an update on our farming activities over the last six weeks or so from my last update. Where did that time go? It is the 18th of August already.  Our on-farm market has been very busy and we have probably sold two thirds of our market garden crop in the last 4 weeks to some very happy, corn crazy customers. Of course, they seem to like melons,  tomatoes,  potatoes,  carrots, beets,  onions,  peaches,  and all the other vegies and fruit we sell. Looks like we will sell everything by mid September , just in time to complete our pear harvest by the end of September and divert attention to gathering the cattle from the open range . Pear harvest is once again upon us and we will start picking our Bartletts in a couple days. Time has really flown by and although it has been a very busy season so far, I am excited to start picking and consequently packing the pears as that is the most definite signal that the fall is rapidly approaching. I look forward to starting to pack and market our pears from our packing house, but must admit by end of April I am quite happy to see the last cases shipped We have about 12,000 bales of rain free hay in the barn from the first two crops, and the third crop is beginning to flower. We will definitely be taking 4 crops from some fields this year. I can only hope that we get some good weather for the fall. As I mentioned earlier, we will be gathering the cow herd from the range in October in time to wean the calves. They will be fed on a natural hormone-free diet to supply an ever increasing demand for a more natural product. The calves will almost definitely average in the high six hundred pound range at weaning as the grass at elevation has been exceptional this year, despite the hot conditions. A few very timely rainfalls have saved the season in that regard. Well, I must go now. I look forward to updating you after I put the farm to sleep if not before.